Q: Should the LED light be the only light source in the bathroom?

A: Although the lighting is bright, we still recommend having another light source available in the room of installation.


Q: Can your mirrors be rotated and installed?

A: Due to the positioning of our sensor buttons our mirrors can only be installed one way.


Q: How does the defogger option work?

A: To turn on the defogging option you just have to touch the button on the mirror! 


Q: Should i seek a professional technician in order to install your products?

A: Our products are made to install with ease however, we do recommend that you get a technician in order to install our products if possible.


Q: Can the medicine cabinets be recess installed?

A: Yes, all of our medicine cabinets can be recess installed. 


Q: Do the side mirrors on your medicine cabinets carry additional charges? 

A: The side mirrors of our mirror cabinets come at no charge! 


Q: How long do the LED lights usually last for?

A: The average life or our LED lighting is 60,000 hours. They are also very easily replaceable!