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AQUADOM combines contemporary design and masterful craftsmanship with modern technology to produce professional-quality Medicine Cabinets. AQUADOM Medicine Cabinets come in 5 different models – Signature Royale, Edge Royale, Royale Plus, Royale Basic, and Royale, each comes with a variety of cutting-edge features, latest technologies and top materials so you can find the style that fits your home best.
Signature Royale is the most technologically advanced model in design, featuring AQUADOM’s signature 3D lighting technology that allows you to switch between three light temperatures, as well as a digital clock and two touch buttons. Edge Royale model quite literally, pushes the LED design boundaries by placing the LED light strip at the edge of the cabinet mirror. Royale Plus cabinet features a single touch button and a rectangular LED strip design. Royale Basic comes in two iterations; the rectangular pattern LED, Q model, and the parallel singular strip LED model. Royale medicine cabinet comes with electrical outlets, a built-in LED magnifying mirror, magnetic organization. All of AQUADOM’s LED medicine cabinets are equipped with a light dimmer, and most with a defogger which can be turned on and off, so that you may enjoy a fog free reflection after a hot shower or bath.
AQUADOM offers a wide selection of sizes from 15-inch to 72-inch width, along with unique LED designs, additional features such as; electrical outlets with USB ports, interior lighting, a built-in LED magnifying mirror on the inside of the door is adjustable to accommodate users of varying heights. All of the mirrors come with a beautiful, silver mirrored glass, and an anodic oxide finish which impedes corrosion and increases durability.



Royale, 36"W x 30"H x 5"D, Triple Door Medicine Cabinet

SKU: R3-3630-N
Expected to ship middle of November
  • Three-Mirror design allows you to use the mirror and access the contents of the medicine cabinet at the same time