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Interior light with sensor, 4 side, 2835LED , 120LEDs per meter , Kelvins: Cool White - 6500K, WAGO connector, MEANWELL LED Driver 10

6 DTC hinges, two side door 155 degree , middle door 90degree. 3-Way adjustable concealed hinge system: Soft Close hinges allow for a smooth and secure 155 degree opening and closing.

Aluminum mirror cabinet (grey finished), 3 separate compactors, 3 doors ( 8"/20"/8"), Aluminum Frame: Through anodizing we are able to give our products a decorative, durable, corrosion-resistant, anodic oxide finish.

Three-Mirror Design: allows you to use the mirror and access the contents of the medicine cabinet at the same time.

9pcs 8mm clear adjustable glass shelves are included for you to arrange them according to your needs.

Quality polished edge 5mm silver mirrored glass is used for the best front-surface reflexivity in the visible spectrum.

3X LED Magnifying Mirror: A 3X LED magnifying mirror is located on the inside of the cabinet. Integrated into the cabinet door this circular mirror sports a halo light around it.

Defogger: have your mirror fog free with a touch of a button. Dedicated defogger button is located along the frame on the inside of the cabinet.

Outlets: 2 grey outlets in left and right compactor. Perfect for connecting your other electrical appliances.

1 touch sensor with memory and dimmer function, (On with blue color, Off with white)



Royale Plus 36"W x 30"H x 5"D LED Lighted Triple Door Medicine Cabinet

SKU: RP3-3630
  • Dim the light of your choosing by holding down the on button.