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AQUADOM ENERGY Workout mirror is the most popular fitness product or workout mirror, based on Android, the workout mirror will advise you the correct training program or plan, you can even invite family members to join in, enjoy the pleasant sports time. ENERGY Fitness mirrors look like regular mirrors when closed, but have a high-definition screen behind the polished surface that can perform many functions. You will receive training instructions on your favorite music on the display - if necessary. Bio-metric data is received by Bluetooth heart rate monitor and evaluated in real-time by an integrated algorithm. The acquired knowledge will be implemented immediately with new optimization instructions. As a result, you become your own opponent and get the full attention of your personal trainer - almost no sweat. Instead of a simple YouTube workout, you can check your posture and check that you're doing it right here at any time. ENERGY is not only a mirror, it is your personal fitness trainer. With a 32inch capacitive touch screen, 1920*1080P vertical display with 5MP HD camera, which comes with speaker and microphone built-in. Fitness apps can be installed to guide those bodybuilders or correct the users to standard action when doing exercise. Health data can be also be monitored. Except in the fitness club, more and more families own this kind of mirror in their living room to be smart fitness trainers.

Smart Fitness Mirror Energy 18in x 48in x 1in

SKU: NRG-1848
  • NO Monthly Subscription Required, there are many great apps available that are free of charge and without long-term commitments. With that, you can easily change your workouts.